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Bunkering Terminal Endesa, Los Barrios, Spain

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Design / Engineering
The N2 (Nitrogen in gaseous phase) injection system is used for sealing the power cabling of cryogenic pumps in the feedthrough of the pumps and the power cabling associated with liquefied gas pumps in the plant.

Our Nitrogen (N2) injection systems were designed for the inerting and sealing of the explosion risk area in the area of ​​the liquefied natural gas loading pumps. Nitrogen inerting involves replacing an oxygen-containing/reactive atmosphere with an inert atmosphere. Nitrogen, which makes up 78.3% of air naturally, is used for this purpose due to its inert nature.

Nitrogen inerting is presented as a versatile solution applicable in various industries. Its use makes it possible to guarantee the safety of the facilities and control the quality of products susceptible to oxidation.


  • Manufacture of 4 units delivered without delay with respect to the contractual planning (20 weeks).

  • Complete Project Management including documentation compliant with customer specifications (17 specific documents).

  • Value proposition in design ensuring accessibility and easy maintenance.

  • Pressure tests carried out with nitrogen in accordance with PED.

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