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SISTEMIZA is a company created to offer a different vision on the manufacture of special fluid handling systems, and supplying of differentiating and specialized products thanks to find smart solutions in terms of mechanical engineering.

Our identity, conceptualizing the most relevant factors in the production of Package Equipment, both due to our determination for the integration and modularity of components, and for the effective Project Management that we offer thanks to the interactive use of digital tools.

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We are a team with extensive experience in project development and manufacturing of dynamic and static equipment. We have been working for more than 15 years in Oil & Gas, Energy and Water plant projects, with a complete knowledge of the specifications and standards requested by end users and engineering companies. We have actively participated in the management of projects helping dozens of customers around the world, managing all phases of execution, from procurement, supplying, selection of materials, design, engineering, manufacturing, testing, and documentation.

Sales and project management professionals

As sales and project management professionals working in multinational companies in our past, we have focused our targets on supplying special equipment such as API 610 centrifugal pump packages, medium and high pressure control skids, auxiliary systems for rotating equipment or dosing systems. Hundreds of equipment have been supplied giving us very high degree of knowledge in packaged equipment solutions.

SISTEMIZA is committed with Sustainable Development Goals, Agenda 2030, and our fundamental development corporate bases are “collaboration, alliance and industrial innovation”.