Packaged equipment

Our systems are designed offering a high degree of accessibility and maintenance, optimized and sustainable, fundamental values ​​in our engineering style.

Two methodologies are typically used when installing new processes or equipment in a factory. The first is geared towards stick-build, in which all installation takes place at the final location, with each component installed individually and assemblied together after everything is in place.

The second methodology is to use a packaged or modular system. With this approach, the system is assembled outside its final location, and where all its components and process connections are manufactured and installed on metal structures and benches. After the assembly is completed and tested, the complete package is shipped to the customer location, where it is linked to the installation process.

The approach to package systems offers many advantages over the stick-build methodology: We “sistematize” with common components such as pipes, valves, instrumentation, filters, exchangers or pumps, among many other types of elements, offering a wide variety of functions, from chemical product dosing, to any other complex gas pumping or treatment system.

Hydraulic systems and components that are operated at high pressures have to be controlled with important safety measures, monitoring and managing maintenance with preventive protocols. The test benches are an essential tool to diagnose, analyze and certify all components and systems, as well as verify if they are in a correct working status or if they should be repaired or renewed.

With a testing equipment you can detect failures due to incorrect installation, internal breakages, porosity, aging or weakness of materials.

We “sistematize” the testing equipment with designs that provide ease of use, practicality and safety, using high-quality materials and certified measurement elements.

Testing equipment

We innovate in the development of traditional test benches, bringing them closer to new technologies in renewable energy, biofuels and hydrogen.

Project management​

No losses, no delays, effectively.

Managing a project is not easy, and that is definitely what we do very well. We focus on strict planning production monitoring, logistics, commercial and documentary milestones. We generate leadership in the project, control of the state and evolution, without delay.

We use digital resources as part of our commitment in the evolution towards Industry 4.0, interacting with our customers during the timing of the contract.