Global Brand Ambassadors

Manufacturers around the world


With a focus on international brands, specializing in dynamic and static equipment including high-pressure pumps, medium-voltage motors, and hydrogen compressors, as well as special packaged equipment. Our team possesses extensive technical knowledge, market insights and a proven track record in sales.

Renowned manufacturers around the world trust us to represent their products. This ensures that we can guarantee the expected quality.


Centrifugal Pumps

South Korea

As representatives in Spain for water market, we provide access to the innovative centrifugal pumps from Hyosung Goodsprings, ensuring a constant and efficient flow.

Electric Motors

South Korea

A complete range of electric motors, from low, medium, and high voltage. Our partnership allows us to offer motors that will drive your projects with exceptional reliability and performance.


Industrial Filtration

United Kingdom

Industrial filtration experts, working across liquid and gas processes. Cleanova works with significant global businesses, with specialized engineering consultancies, national distributors and local channel partners.

Reciprocating Hydrogen Compressors


Our representation of the range of reciprocating compressors from the Japanese multinational Mitsui E&S is a step forward towards the future of energy. From applications in Oil & Gas to clean energies, these compressors are designed to elevate your projects to the next level, especially in the compression of green hydrogen.