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Specialized equipment.

Taylor-made solutions

Sistemiza integrates and sells leading products such as filtration equipment, fluid conduction in instrumentation impulse lines, rotating equipment such as pumps, motors, compressors and more.

Every product we offer represents our dedication to providing you with the best in performance, efficiency, and durability. Whether you need pumps, motors, filters, or instrumentation, we are here to elevate your plant’s needs or new projects.


Pumps and Couplings

Mechanical Couplings

Distribution in Spain and Portugal of Thompson Couplings’ alignment-free couplings and constant velocity joints, ensuring complete energy transfer. Efficiency and durability guaranteed.

Positive Displacement Pumps

United Kingdom
As a collaborative company in Spain for Plenty Pumps, we supply advanced twin-screw, triple-screw, and vane pumps. Additionally, our repair service ensures that your equipment is always up to date.


Basket Filters

United Kingdom
With our distribution in Spain of the renowned British manufacturers Airpel and Plenty Filters, we provide you access to a complete range of basket filters, from simple to motorized self-cleaning filters, ensuring the purity and protection of your systems.

Gas and Liquid Filters


Our representation and distribution in Spain of TM Filters B.V. ensure that your systems meet the highest standards, filtering gas, liquids, and coalescents, following ASME, API, and other standards.

Gas and Liquid Filters

United Kingdom
Next-generation contaminant removal systems that significantly improve air, gases, and fluid quality. Protect pipes, high-speed turbochargers, turbines, and blowers from damage or dirt on their moving parts due to the presence of aggressive or harsh contaminants, operating under extreme operating conditions.

Instrumentation, Valves, and Measurement

Double Block & Bleed Valves

As distributors of ASTEC Valves & Fittings, we offer the highest level of safety with our double block & bleed valves. Additionally, complement your system with instrumentation valves and double ferrule process pipe fittings and tubing. Approved by the most demanding end-users in the Oil & Gas and energy sectors.