Packaged Equipment: MP & Air Valves skid.

We are proud to inform that Sistemiza FH supplied satisfactory 2 off special packaged equipment (skids) currently just in operation for a Power Plant sited in south-east Asia.

The packaged equipment is prepared to handle medium pressure steam and compressed air to Power Steam Boiler manufactured by a world-wide leader in Europe.

Packaged Equipment Skid of Valves for MP Steam and Compressed Air

Main characteristics

The contract included the supplying of 2 skids of valves. Project coordination, fabrication and quality management was handle by our project resources and manufacturing locations aliade to Sistemiza.

Supporting and structural baseplate was a challenge to include all piping and components to be contained in a narrow plant area.

Baseplate skid details

Piping was made of carbon steel with specific painting procedure. All valves (globe & gate) flanged connections #ANSI B16.5. Welding procedures and inspections done positively for but-welding joints. 100% of weldings with NDE testing and X-Ray.

Packaged equipment Skid of valves

Successfully supplying and operating satisfactory helping the Power Plant to make Energy.

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